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Sep. 30th, 2013 12:23 am
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I'm going through my art pictures and scans to try and get inspired to do more again and I thought I'd share a bit more, because of reasons.

I also thought I'd share some embroideries/mixed media/craft pieces I've made because I'm also looking into doing more of it again.

All of it is pretty old. Done somewhere between the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2012.

You can see the first post HERE.

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Title: Fill These Spaces Up With Days
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1,307
Warnings/content: canon, scifi, blow job, outdoor sex, established relationship, pwp

Summary: Merlin sucks slowly on one finger, eyes on Arthur’s with that spark in them—that insolent, brave spark—that makes Arthur want to do all kinds of stupid things just so Merlin never stops looking at him like that.

Author's Notes: originally written for challenge four of the summerpornathon 2013 (Banging Bedframes & Slumbering Sluts). Re-worked and expanded from its 750 words original length.

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[ profile] asya_ana (sorry I had misread and thought it was alby that started it I'M SORRY) started a meme on her journal for the 5th anniversary of the Merlin premiere, and tbh, my squee got killed by people today and I'm looking to rekindled it SO I AM DOIND THIS.

I'm an awfully indecisive person when it comes to favorite as well so... be prepared for that? It'll probs get image heavy as well, I have too much time to do graphics with photoshop...

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I wasn't here from the start, but still. Feels like it's something to think about. I raise my glass (of wine) to all of you who have been here since the start though.

I'm going to catch up on all the canon fics I've been meaning to read and haven't yet. I re-read old favourites. I love AUs so much, ngl. I tend to not really want to read canon as much when I'm immersed in the show. Like, I watched Merlin for the first time Feb. 2012, so it's been only 1 year 1/2, and I was engrossed in it from the start, then there was all the filming for series 5, then actually series 5, then the aftermath of series 5. So canon was always there and I didn't feel like I needed more of it in general. Combine that with my love of AUs and I've neglected lots of really good canon fics. But Merlin has been done for long enough now that I feel the need to go back to canon.

ANYWAY. Anyone want to share/talk about their favourite canon stuff (fics or otherwise) is welcomed to share :D
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okay, so I'm having an evening where I'm having extreme Arthur Feels™. It's not new, mind, but whatever, I feel like sharing. I could go all meta, but I'm afraid it would just be


so... I'm just going to put some graphics I made for tumblr under the cut. I'm not a gif make so I don't have awesome gifs, but you know whatev. YOU ARE WELCOMED TO SHARE GIFS AND WHATNOT IN THE COMMENTS AND CRY WITH ME.image heavy this way )
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Title: If Greater Want of Skill
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur.
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~5K
Warnings/content: fraternity, drunkenness/drunk sex, poetry, banter, bets & wagers, excessive swearing.

Summary: PWP. Merlin's Friday isn't going to plan, to say the least. Especially when he takes the wrong late-night bus and ends up in Frat Row where he meets Arthur, the annoying frat boy that sits behind him in poetry class, who, by the way, is entirely to blame for the drunkenness, betting, sex, and poetry reciting that follows.

Author's Notes: thanks to sspraker on tumblr for the prompt: "Merlin is uni student who gets on the wrong late-night bus and ends up in Frat Row, where he meets Arthur". It inspired a drabble that turned into this fic because people are terrible enablers. IT REALLY WASN'T SUPPOSE TO BE THIS LONG. I'm also using this to also fill my 'drunkfic' square on my Trope Bingo card.
Thanks to Ing, as always, for the brainstorming and the quick beta. Her hatred of Alexander Pope really helped pushed this fic forward.



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